Try A “Green” Bootcamp Workout!

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There’s no real need to do your workouts inside a gym…

Plus, just think about everything going on in there that messes up the environment:

  • Burning gas driving to the gym
  • Heating/AC inside the gym
  • Running the motor on the treadmills, ellipticals, and steppers
  • Heating the sauna that no one but creepy old guys uses
  • Lights, TV, and music
  • Chemicals from the equipment disinfectant
  • Chemicals from the paint, carpets, and flooring
  • Shipping the equipment across the country to your gym

All in all, your gym probably has a huge environmental footprint!

Now, here are a few ideas to “green up” your bootcamp-style workout routine – do these exercises at home, or better yet, outside in the sunshine and fresh air

Exercise: Step-Up
Equipment: Small bench or step (think picnic table seat)
Muscles Used: Quads, butt, hamstrings and core
Movement: Put one foot up on the bench. Step up until your leg is straight. Keep your posture and step down SOFTLY. Repeat.

Exercise: Dip
Equipment: Small bench or step
Muscles Used: Triceps (back of arms)
Movement: Stand in front of the bench with your back towards it. Put both hands on the bench, palms facing the bench, slightly wider than shoulder width. Walk your legs straight out in front of you. Now bend your arms to lower yourself down. Press back up by straightening your arms. Repeat.

Exercise: Pull-Ups
Equipment: Bar (side rail of monkey bars)
Muscles Used: Arms, back, and core
Movement: Grab bar with an overhand grip. Pull up until your chin reaches over the bar. Lower yourself down and repeat.

Exercise: Body Row
Equipment: Bar at waist height
Muscles Used: Arms, back, and core
Movement: Lay under the bar and grab it with an overhand grip. Put your legs out, keep your body straight and pull your chest up to the bar. Repeat.

Exercise: Squat
Equipment: None!
Muscles Used: Legs and core
Movement: Stand up tall with good posture. Make sure your heels stay down and you stick your butt out. Sit back and down until you thighs are about 90 degrees with the ground. Stand up, squeeze your butt, and repeat.

Now take your workout outside and get green while you get fit!

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