Carson City Bootcamp: Sample Fat Burning Workout

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Here’s a great workout for you to do at home on a day you can’t make it to my Carson City Bootcamp…

Functional Movement Warm Up:

Hip Flexor Stretch
Seal Jumping Jacks
Prisoner Squat
Mountain Climbers
Hip Circles
Hand Lift Pushup
Spiderman Climb
Side Shuffle

Carson City Bootcamp Circuit One (Strength):

1) Feet On Box Push Up
2) Hockey Squat
3) TRX Row

Prescription: 10 reps each, 3 rounds

Carson City Bootcamp Circuit Two (Metabolic):

1) Feet Wide Burpee
2) Alternating Lunges
3) Plank Walk Up

Prescription: 30 seconds each, 5 rounds, 30 sec rest after each round

Carson City Bootcamp Circuit Three (Metabolic):

1) Jumping Jack
2) Hip Touch Twist

Prescription: 1 min each, 3 rounds, no rest

Carson City Bootcamp Circuit Four (Metabolic):

1) Feet Wide Burpee
2) Hop Squat
3) Squat Hold

Prescription: 45 sec each, 4 rounds, no rest

Carson City Bootcamp Finisher:

Jumping Jacks
Run in Place
Mountain Climber
Bodyweight Squat
Seal Jumping Jack
Sumo Squat
Alternating Lunges

Prescription: 40 seconds each, 1 round


1) Rollover To V-Sit
2) Shin Box Switch
3) Chest Stretch

Have fun with this bootcamp-style work out!

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