Quick And Dirty At Home Bootcamp Workout

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Today’s bootcamp workout is just 5 pairs of exercises that will work your entire body.

Keep the pace high and you’ll get a fat-burning metabolic workout while doing these strength exercises.

How To Do It:

Go through each pair of exercises three times, with as little rest as possible.

Equipment Needed:

  • Chin Up Bar
  • Swiss Ball
  • Bench, Box, or Chair
  • ValSlides
  • Dumbbells (If needed)

The Workout:

1A) Prisoner Squat x 15 reps
1B) Feet on Swiss Ball Pushup x 12 reps

2A) Back Foot On Bench Lunge  x 12 reps each leg
2B) Chin-up x Maximum reps

3A) Swiss Ball 1-Leg Curl x 10 reps
3B) Spiderman Pushup x 6 reps each side

4A) Walking Lunge x 15 reps each side
4B) Side Plank Top Leg Lift x 16 reps each side

5A) Side Reach Lunge x 12 reps each side
5B) Swiss Ball Pike x 15 reps

You can finish the workout with a few short sprint intervals on a bike or treadmill, or do a complete interval training program on your days in between metabolic strength training.

(For a complete interval training program, check out this post: Interval Training For Extreme Fat Loss)

Remember that you can’t out-train a bad diet, so cut out grains an sugars, and eat more vegetables and lean meats.

Combine good nutrition with kick-butt workouts like these and you’ll have a bangin’ body in no time!

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