Metabolic-Blast, Bootcamp Style

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This is a simple metabolic “boost” that you can add to the end of your next workout to kick your metabolism into overdrive for AT LEAST 36 hours.

In this bootcamp-style circuit, you’ll go through 3 exercises for time, then rest 1 min and do it again!  You can go through it up to four time, but if you go all-out-balls-to-the-wall-beast-mode, you might only be able to get two rounds.

Want to keep going after four rounds?  Instead of adding more rounds, try to up your intensity level.  Don’t mistake quantity for quality.  Dig deep and I promise this will get your fat cells shrinking.

Bootcamp Style Metabolic Blaster:

A. Burpee – 45 seconds

B. ValSlide Mountain Climber – 45 seconds

C. Seal Jumping Jacks – 90 seconds

You can also do a few rounds during the day to keep your metabolism going into overdrive :)

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