6 Week Workout For: Volleyball

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Short and sweet: This is the summer volleyball weightlifting program for Carson City Volleyball Club, where I’m the head strength and conditioning coach.

There are 3 different “days” in this program, A, B, & C.  If you workout on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, it would would look this:

  • Mon: Day A
  • Wed: Day B
  • Fri: Day C
  • Mon: Day A (add weight, reps, time, etc)
  • Wed: Day B (add weight, reps, time, etc)
  • And so on for 6 weeks

Day A:

A1: Rack Pulls 5×5 (45 seconds rest)

A2: Swiss Ball Mountain Climbers 5×30 (45 seconds rest)

B: Barbell Step Back Lunge Off Box 3×8 (30 seconds rest)

C1: 45 degree back raise with 5 sec hold at top 3×10 (0 seconds rest)

C2: Sprinter Sit Ups 3×20 (0 seconds rest)

C3: Rope Face Pull 3×12 (30 seconds rest)

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