Mobile Unit: Circuit Of Desire

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Something I do to entertain myself is give things extraordinary sounding names:

- This is the Coffee Cup Of Destiny!

– This is the Key Ring Of Love!

– Behold, the Plaid Pants Of Awesomeness!

And so, I would like to present: The Circuit Of Desire

It is a relatively simple set of exercises designed to raise your metabolism and give you a toned and fit body.

Circuit of Desire:

  • 20 Hindu Pushups
  • 10 Kick Through Squats each side
  • 20 Tripod Switches
  • 20 V-Ups

Rest 60 seconds.  Complete 6-8 rounds.

Desire Exercise Number One: Hindu Pushups

Desire Exercise Number Two: Kick Through Squats (Advanced: Kick Through Squats With Pillow Twist)

Desire Exercise Number Three: Tripod Switches

Desire Exercise Number Four: V-Ups

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