Mobile Unit: Matrix Combos

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These combos are really fun because once you get them flowing, you won’t realize how much time has passed until your watch alarm beeps to let you know that time is up.

And you can do them in just about any hotel room (with the exception of those capsule hotels in Japan)

The Matrix Combo consists of only three exercises: a push, a twist, and a squat.

Matrix Combo Number One is a quadruped pushup to a spinal flag to a deck squat:

Matrix Combo Number Two is a quad pushup hop to a spinal flag to a pistol squat (switch legs each time through):

I usually do these combos for between 15 and 20 minutes.

Occasionally I’ll set a goal for number of times through. Like… “I’m going to do the Advance Matrix 2 through 50 times without stopping.”

When using these as a hotel room workout, do these every other day. On the in-between days do something different.

An example of the in-between days workout could be 5 times through the Canadian Power Workout and then 5 times running up the stairs in your hotel and walking down.

Have fun!

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