Wold Fitness Mobile Unit: Rockstar Challenge

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Grab your stopwatch and get ready for the Wold Fitness Mobile Unit’s RockStar Challenge!

Here is the workout –

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

  1. 20 Quad Pushups/Quad Hops
  2. 15 Kick Throughs (each side)
  3. 10 Frogger Burpees without Jump
  4. 15 Jump Squats

Rockstar Challenge Exercise One: Quad Pushups or Quad Hops

Rockstar Challenge Exercise Two: Kick Throughs

Rockstar Challenge Exercise Three: Frogger Burpees (without Jump)

Rockstar Challenge Exercise Four: Jump Squats

Record how many rounds you get through in the 20 minutes, catching your breath when you need to.  Every time you do this workout, try to get more done!

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