Carson City Volleyball Championship Warm Up

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As most of you know, in addition to running Wold Fitness Body Transformations, I am a youth sports performance specialist.

I work mainly with a local Volleyball Club as their head strength and conditioning coach, but consult with various schools districts and sports clubs as well.

Carson City asked me to develop a 5 minute Warm Up for all of the players to do before they even touch a volleyball.

Here’s what we came up with:

Volleyball Club Championship Warm Up

  • Seal Jacks x 20 (40 sec) Temp Raise, chest stretch
  • Mountain Climbers x 40 (80 sec) Temp Raise, hip loosener, core activation
  • Fire Hydrants x 10/leg (110 sec) Glute activation, hip loosener
  • Hindu Pushups x 10 (140 sec) Full body strength, posterior chain stretch
  • Hip flexor stretch x 20sec/leg (180 sec) Releases the “brakes” on hip extension
  • Glute bridges x 15 (210 sec) Glute activation/strength
  • Piriformis Stretch x 20sec/leg (250 sec) Releases the “brakes” on jump & squat
  • Tuck Jump x 10 (280 sec) Neural activation and explosiveness
  • Bicycle Crunch x 20 (300 sec) Temp raise, core strength

(The time on the side is a running clock towards the 5 minutes)

Here are videos of each exercise:

Seal Jacks

Mountain Climbers (Volleyball Players do these without the sliders)

Fire Hydrants (first exercise in series)

Hindu Pushups

Hip Flexor Stretch

Glute Bridges

Piriformis Stretch

Tuck Jump

Bicycle Crunch

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