Aggressive Carson City Personal Training

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A lot of Carson City, NV locals go to the gym with their own ingrained personal ideas about how to lose weight, different training methods, what equipment to use, and which exercises they should do for what their fitness goal is. The problem is that almost all of this information is completely incorrect! Some weight loss methods are based on old-wives tales, still more on misinformation and out-right lies from the weight-loss industry.

Mistake #1 : Eat Less, Lose Weight

Unfortunately, simply consuming less food does not guarantee a healthy and attractive body. It definitely help, but the biggest factor is the type of food you’re eating. If you’re eating a small portions, but they’re small portions of crappy food you’re not doing yourself any good!

You’re basically starving yourself and teaching your body to hold on to fat and excess pounds, as well as weakening your system so you’re not only hungry and malnourished, but you’re completely out of shape—there is nothing remotely attractive about that. At Wold Fitness personal training, we make sure our Carson City clients understand that they need to incorporate natural foods such as fruits and vegetables into their every day eating, as well as a few hours of the RIGHT KIND of exercise each week. We don’t just preach though, our personal trainers in Carson City also help you design your meal plans and offer delicious preparation ideas to help you reach your weight loss goals quickly, easily, and healthily.

Mistake #2 : More Time In The Gym, Less Fat On The Tummy

Again, you need a combination of training and proper nutrition – running on the treadmill all evening will not magically transform you. Despite what other Carson City personal trainers may tell you, you don’t need to spend excessive hours in the gym every week. Who wants to live in a gym? Many trainers try to lure you in for extra hours when they’re not even paying attention to you.

At Wold Fitness’s Personal Trainer Carson City program we will never abandon you or pressure you to practically live in the gym. Our focus is on getting you into shape through vigorous and exciting exercises aimed at melting off fat, sculpting muscles, raising metabolism, and firming up your whole body for a tight, toned, and super-attractive you. Our team of Carson City personal trainers know the most valuable exercises to make sure every minute of your training session will give you maximum results.

If you’ve bought into the two big mistake I listed above and never saw results, or if you’re new to personal fitness training and realize that you need the extra motivation and friendly kick-in-the-butt our personal training team offers, visit this page: Personal Trainer Carson City

We promise to push you, encourage you, guide you, and instruct you so that you can quickly work your way into an amazingly fit, toned, and extremely appealing body.

Short History Of Carson City

The Consolidated Municipality of Carson City is the capital of Nevada.

The Carson River (from which the city takes its name) was named after the famed mountain man Christopher “Kit” Carson by the explorer John Fremont in 1843.

In 1859, after discovery of gold and silver in the nearby Comstock Lode, Carson city’s population began to rise and the town was eventually selected as the territorial Capital of Nevada.

When Nevada became a state in 1864, Carson City was confirmed as the state capital as has remained ever since

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