Carson City Self Defense For Women

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I get a little bit scared when I watch what they’re teaching in most women’s self-defense classes.

The instructors are having their class practice yelling “STOP!!”, showing how to put your keys in your fist, and other ineffective techniques.

What they SHOULD be teaching is how to seriously injure and disable an attacker.

When I was a bouncer at some rough bars we’d have guys whacked out of their minds on drugs and booze – yelling STOP wouldn’t have made a difference if they wanted to grab a woman on their way home.

Even doing something that *hurts*, like a juijitsu-based joint lock wouldn’t work; these guys were past the point of feeling pain.

The only thing that can stop a whacked-out attacker is injuring him.

Women should learn how to powerfully strike a target, to negate a larger attacker’s size and strength.

Here is a quick video of a woman practicing self-defense on your humble author:

See, she uses her forearm for a neck strike, which disrupts his nervous system.  Then she attacks the kidney with a bodyweight-powered strike.  This causes an involuntary arch back (no matter how “tough” someone is, injuring his kidney will cause him to do this).  She then grabs the attacker’s chin and slams his head into the concrete.

If he’s unconscious, she can make good her escape.  If not, she can stamp on his heart or testicles, strike him in the throat, or kick him in the temple to make sure he will not get up and chase her.

If you’re interested in learning REAL self defense, find an instructor who will teach you how to injure an attacker, no matter how big, strong, or whacked-out he is.

Carson City Self Defense For Women

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