Fitness Celebrity Sounds Off On Fat

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When I first started my own fitness business, one of the most helpful people I met was the celebrity trainer Rocco Castellano.

Rocco is a really cool dude who knows his stuff COLD.  And he’s been on just about every news station out there.

Since this dude has trained Spike Lee, JFK Jr., Bonnie Raitt, Endless Beauty Pageant Contestants and Fitness Models I asked him to give me something for our blog.

I didn’t expect a rant like this….

Why should we accept Fat? …and the people who are fat?

By Rocco Catellano, CPT

I have read articles upon articles about the National Association for the Acceptance of Fat People; an organization that started out as a social group for chubby chasers and has now grown into a civil rights advocate group. I have always tried to help my fellow man in their quest for self improvement but I can never accept a mentality that is entitlistic and self destructive; a mentality that this association has built its whole platform.

Right off the bat, don’t start sending hate mail because you read the headline and think I’m some sadistic radical that believes all fat people should die. That’s just not true. The reality is that I’m fed up with FAT people believing that America and American citizens owe them something… because we don’t. You owe yourself the self respect of not asking people who try hard every day to not be a burden on the health care system and live healthy and unselfish lives to accept the way you want to live. Why should I accept the fact that fat people in general have placed a huge burden on the health care system?

Heart disease, Diabetes and Cancer are the three major causes of death in the United States and they are usually linked back to not just obesity but fatness. It’s amazing to me that I am told by Fat people every day that it isn’t their fault. I must have been punched in my head too many times when I boxed because I don’t know who else’s fault it could have been. I’m pretty sure that anyone who is fat can exercise, doesn’t have to eat like they are going to the chair.

Of course, the 2 big reasons I get that it isn’t their fault is 1) my genetics 2) a medical problem. I want to impart on you a little information: Genetics play a large role in weight and not fat. Most Americans are usually 20 lbs heavier than our European counterparts. Most of the weight is from muscle and bone not fat. You become fat because you store fuel. There is nothing in your DNA that provides for you to become fat. Lack of movement and over eating is why you get fat. Don’t blame your DNA. Certain thyroid conditions can cause weight gain but with the proper exercise programs and thyroxin treatment your fat gain can be managed. The percentage of this condition is 1% of 1%, so how can 65% of the population blame a faulty thyroid. Most of the problems with thyroid conditions are no one is willing to do the necessary work to keep their fat in check. They resign themselves to having a problem and let themselves stay fat. If you have broken your leg, do you need to do more work or less work to get your leg back to normal and what happens when you don’t do the necessary therapy? Exactly… nothing , and you walk with a limp the rest of your life.

The fatter you are the more work you need to do, not less. Anything that promises you quick results without work preys on your ignorance and more often stupidity. Gaining and losing fat is all a numbers game. That’s it…In a nutshell!

If you want to lose 30 lbs in thirty days don’t think you can sit around all day and do nothing. To burn one pound of fat per day you will need to expend 3500 calories during the course of that day over your basic caloric expenditure…and that takes work. You will need to change the way you look at food and they way you look at working out. You will need to learn how to burn as much fat as you can within the shortest amount of time.

The answer is not “cardio”. The answer is teaching your body and it’s systems to burn fat (fuel) consistently and limit your portions to not exceed your daily caloric consumption. If you believe you have no time to implement a basic workout program to get you started than nothing will help you and you should die of a heart attack sooner than later. It is our decision to stay fat and accepting fat like accepting the fact that we are Black, female, male, Asian, and other reasons why there are laws against discrimination is not going to change the reality that fat is a condition we place on ourselves. No one can change that condition but us, we need to look into our very being without excuses and change our attitudes and then begin the journey of self respect, self reliance and breath the freedom of self confidence.

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Rocco Castellano is an internationally recognized extreme weight loss specialist, certified personal trainer (CPT) and the author of the internationally popular fitness program Lose 30 in Thirty. Go to to get your FREE copy of your own Lose 30 in Thirty Starter Kit”

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