A Tire-Ing Bootcamp, Indeed!

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This morning my bootcampers and I played with one of my favorite fitness tools: Big. Honkin…. Tires!

You hear and read about something called “Functional Training” all of the time.

And you see people balancing on a ball with a pink dumbbell in one hand and picking their nose with the other.  It’s somehow supposed to “activate” small muscles.

Well, I think it’s a lot more functional to be able to move things in the REAL WORLD.

Hence, the awesomeness of tires.

Flipping a tire will carry over into sports, other bootcamp exercises, picking your spouse off the floor during a house fire, and…. activating your metabolism!

(Plus, they look really cool!)

Check out the three exercises we played with in today’s bootcamp~

Bootcamp Tire Exercise One: Battling Tires!

This is a great upper body and core exercise.  Basically, you shove the tire back and forth for either TIME or a set number of REPS.

When I was training athletes from very physical sports (wrestling, rugby, football, MMA), we would use a very heavy tire and the goal was to KNOCK YOUR OPPONENT OVER!

My longest battling tire set was over 12 minutes with a rugby player named James.  Whew!

But for fitness, fat loss, and fun, just push hard and take care of your partner.

Bootcamp Tire Exercise Two: Backwards Drags!

Another one that looks simple, but isn’t.

Holding that low position works you legs like nothing else, and your heart and lungs will be working in overdrive.

A few sets of backwards drags and you’ll feel like you’ve finished a marathon!  (Without beating up your joints, of course)

Bootcamp Tire Exercise Three: Flipping!

You can use heavy tires for strength, or lighter tires for a metabolic circuit.

Whichever you do, these are TOUGH!

Check out what my hardcore bootcampers said right after playing with the tires:

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