Luke’s 28th Birthday Bootcamp Celebration

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If you count running conditioning classes for martial artists, I’ve been a trainer for 13 years now.

Long time.

According to Malcom Gladwell’s book “Outliers” it’s long enough to make me an expert.

(Of course, majoring in Exercise Science in college helped speed me along ;))

This Thursday I’m turning 28 and to celebrate I’m taking 28% off a membership to Wold Fitness Boot Camp.

So, until Friday (10/29) at Midnight you can rock out and get an awesome deal.

When you sign up for 12 months, bootcamp is only 247 a month, but with the birthday hook up, you can upgrade to a year for just 2134 all in one go (28% off!)

Less than six bones a day for my ultimate fitness and fat loss bootcamp

If you want in, drop me an email at LDWold (at)  I’ll give you a call and get you all set up.

Oh, and as a bonus for anyone who gets 28% off this next year, you get a free pass to my big-time self-defense seminar next month.

Talk to you soon :)

~ Luke

5 Responses to “Luke’s 28th Birthday Bootcamp Celebration”

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  2. Deirdre Says:

    Wow. $6 a day is how much a high school lunch meal costs!

  3. Luke Says:

    Yeah, I’m kind of embarrassed how low it came out to be. That’s less than lame-o aerobics classes! Oh wellz :)

  4. John Says:

    And worth every penny even if it was twice the price!

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