Look Better Than Ever – Fast!

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One of the coolest things about changing your diet is that the appearance of your hair and skin will change within a week, and you’ll look younger and better.

When talking with people who’ve changed their eating habits one thing always comes out – their hair looks better, their nails get better, and their skin is glowing and great.

So on a weight loss diet, where the goal is actually losing fat, you can love the food, feel calmer, have more energy… but the number one thrill seems to be the improved skin and hair!

I really thought this was due to the power of self-esteem. Do something positive for yourself and feel more confident about the way you look. But after hearing about appearance changes over and over and over, I decided to look into it further: Can you make a change in such a short time or is it some sort of psychological trick?

It turns out that the changes ARE real!

Your skin is your largest organ. And it responds amazingly quickly to any changes in nutrition.

Ever have a break out when you eat something that doesn’t agree with you? Or get hives and bloating when you’re allergic to something? You look pale when you’re getting sick? You look saggy after a bad night’s sleep?

Your skin signals about your health. Any changes in your internal health show up externally very rapidly.

See, your skin metabolizes things quickly. Your skin cells turn over rapidly so any changes in health are readily apparent.

In light of this, it’s not surprising that when someone – especially someone who hasn’t been eating correctly – begins to receive a surge of nutrients and hydration that there will be a significant and immediate change in their skin.

The change in skin makes perfect sense. But hair? Why would hair get healthier so quickly? Doesn’t hair grow at like a quarter of an inch per month? How can changes show up in only 7 days?

Well, the sebaceous glands in the skin of your scalp will immediately affect your hair when there is an explosion of nutrients and a simultaneous dearth of health-destroying foods.

(Healthy fats in particular help hair appearance)

A proper balance of nutrients has an immediate effect on the functioning of these sebaceous glands. It’s not the hair itself that is changing, but rather the scalp. And healthy oils from your skin are distributed through your hair.

This is wayyy cool.

And not just because looking great rocks (it does), but because it is tangible proof that your body is changing, right from the first days of clean eating.

When someone is determined to lose weight, they might try any method, no matter how crazy. Fad diets, diet pills, magical supplements, weight loss surgery, or a treadmill addiction.

But this stuff exacts a toll from your health and appearance. Sure, the number on the scale might change for a while, but is it worth destroying your health, your energy levels, your metabolism, and your appearance to weigh a few pounds less? I don’t think so.

Take a look in the mirror, your skin doesn’t lie. Proper nutrition will cause you to lose weight healthily and sustainably. A much better deal for you.

As your body builds better health, your clothes will get looser, your energy will increase, your moods will stabilize, and your skin will be glowing and smooth. These are signs that your body is starting to enjoy tip-top health.

Remember, it’s not just your skin and hair that are improving, it’s every system in your body. Everything is getting stronger and more efficient. If your pancreas could glow, it would be glowing.

As your eating habits change, the improvement in your hair and skin are powerful motivators to keep you going.

Having the measuring tape draw tighter around your waist, not straining to button your jacket, defining your jawline, getting stronger, having more endurance – all this comes with better eating and will motivate you to make changes for life. But the best motivator is probably what you see in the mirror. And you don’t have to wait to enjoy your success, you’ll see it in days!

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