Fitness Inspiration From The Pizza Tiger

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Tom Monaghan is the man who started and built Domino’s Pizza.  His story is a timeline of constant struggles to grow from one location into the worldwide franchise it is today.  Pretty cool stuff.

But what you might not know about Tom Monaghan is that despite selling pizzas, he is super-dedicated to his health and fitness.  Check out this excerpt from his book Pizza Tiger:

“It may sound corny, but I subscribe to the idea that the body is the temple of the soul.  As a living edifice, it needs proper fuel and good maintenance.  If I lost my health, I’d give every penny I had to get it back, and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t.

I know how tough it is to lose weight because I’m naturally a big eater.  If I let myself, I could polish off a large pizza and any dessert put in front of me and ask for seconds.  But I’m religious about counting calories.  Every Friday and Monday, or on any day that my weight has moved up over 163 pounds when I get on the scale in the morning, I limit myself to 500 Calories.  I eat dessert only eleven times a year: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, just before Lent, St. Patrick’s Day, and six family birthdays.  I call these my ‘pig-out’ days.  But despite my calorie counting, I couldn’t keep my weight under control without exercise.

Six days a week, I do forty-five minutes of floor exercises, including 150 consecutive pushups, followed by a six-and-a-third-mile run.  Twice a week, I end my run in the fitness center at our new headquarters, Domino’s Farms, and work out for an hour.  I do repetitions on the progressive-resistance weight machines as fast as possible and have a trainer help me work each muscle group to exhaustion.

People magazine has called me a ‘fitness freak.’  But I don’t think I’m fanatical about fitness; I’ve made my routine a habit now and I don’t want to break it.”

Some pretty good tips here…

  • He has a daily fitness routine with bodyweight exercises and conditioning
  • One rest day a week
  • Twice a week progressive resistance strength training
  • Works out with a trainer
  • Knows his cheat days FOR THE YEAR
  • Restricts Calories 2 days a week, every week
  • Also restricts Calories whenever he rises above his maintenance weight
  • Protects his health as his best investment

Monaghan is a former Marine, you can see some of the influences in his program :)

Check out Pizza Tiger if you want to see how he grew Domino’s Pizza and how he lives his life according to a strong set of core values


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