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It’s no secret to my friends that THE MIGHTY THOR is my hero :)

Chris Hemsworth, the actor who played Thor in the recent movie, had to build some serious muscle to fill out his armor:

Now, I don’t normally write about GAINING weight, but I’ve received a few questions from guys who want to put on a little muscle and the Chris Hemsworth nutrition example is a good starting guideline.


4 eggs
Bowl of porridge
Piece of fruit

Morning Snack:

Handful of nuts and a piece of fruit


2 Chicken Breasts
Big Salad
1 serving of potato or rice

Afternoon Snack:

Handful of nuts, piece of fruit, can of tuna or 6 deli meat slices


Huge serving of steak or fish
Big Salad

Evening Snack:

Protein shake

If you look at the food choices, you can see that Chris ate following a nutrient timing plan: starchy carbs only early in the day.

This diet bulked Chris up so quickly he actually had to try and LOSE some muscle when they started filming because… he was too big for his costume!  Cool!

About the only thing I’d change about this eating plan would be to choose different sources of starchy carbs.

Oats, for instance, have a negative effect on blood sugar, digestion, and nutrient absorption.  Chris could have made an oatmeal replacement out of banana chips (recipe:, or added some healthy fats and made an “oatmeal” out of nuts, eggs, and almond milk (recipe:

And instead of rice or a regular potato, you could switch to sweet potatoes or Okinawan Blue potatoes to increase the nutrients in your food and to put on muscle without putting on fat.

If you want to add some muscle, use Chris’s Thor diet to give you some ideas and then get cooking!

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