Weight Loss Plateau? Try This French “Scale Shocker” Program

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Sometimes the numbers on your scale stop going down.

And it’s super lame.

You’ve been following your diet plan faithfully, exercising, taking your supplements, and staying motivated… but then your weight just refuses to budge.

flat plateau

This is your “drop-out-of-the-diet” danger zone.

When your weight loss stagnates, your motivation drops.  And when your motivation drops, temptations become much more tempting.

A lot of people hit a plateau and then give up.  Or they fall off their plan, gain some weight, start dieting again, hit a plateau, fall off their plan, gain some weight, and on and on ad infinitum.

Every time you gain the weight back it’s going to want to come off a little slower next time.

stop giving up

So breaking through this weight loss plateau is critical to your success.

As soon as your scale needles starts moving again, your motivation will come back and you’ll be ready to keep going.

The following comes from The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever, which is billed as “The Real Reason The French Stay Slim.”

  • 4 Days of pure lean proteins without any deviation
  • Restricting salt intake as much as possible
  • Minimum 2 quarts of water with a low mineral content
  • Getting to sleep as early as possible (sleep before midnight is much more beneficial than after)
  • Adding a gentle herbal diuretic to eliminate any hidden water retention
  • Walking for 60 minutes a day for 4 days

This shock/blitz/jumpstart/kickstart program is a great way for you to break through your weight loss plateau.  And it’s totally paleo-friendly :)

help scale

Just a few more tips from me:

  • Organic and grassfed lean proteins are going to work much better for you on this plan
  • Mrs. Dash is your friend when you can’t use salt
  • Distilled water seems to increase the power of the kickstart
  • Check out this post for tips on improving your sleep: Sleep, Weight Loss, And Health
  • My favorite gentle diuretic is a salad made from Dandelion Leaves, they’re bitter but they work great (Check your organic produce section, eat them raw)
  • Walking is the final key to this strategy, don’t skip it!

Now remember, this isn’t the long term final solution… It is a tool to get your weight loss moving again.  Follow the 4 day prescription to the letter and then get back on your normal weight loss diet.

EDIT: Someone asked if this would work to use right before a big event where you want to look your best.  Well… yes, but that’s not what it’s designed for.  If you do use this as a get-ready-for-a-big-event plan, promise me that it’s a one-time deal and you’ll do your best to get in shape so that you’re always ready for a big event, ok?

think about why you started diet

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