Boot Camp Exercise: Modified Rope Climbs

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This Boot Camp Exercise is one of my favorites.

There are 2 basic types of upper body pulling: Vertical and Horizontal.

By starting with your body horizontal and rotating to vertical, you hit all of the fat-burning muscles in your back and arms with one great exercise!

When this video was filmed, the climbs were part of a circuit.

But if you want to make this bootcamp exercise harder, here are some variations:

We were supersetting with a heavy back exercise, so we kept this one basic. To make it harder you can:

- Raise feet higher
- not let body touch the floor
- Wear a weighted vest
- Use a thick rope (grip)
- Add reps

Give this cool movement a try in your next workout, you’ll have a blast!

Field Report: Wold Fitness Festivus

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This morning, after a big plate of eggs and veggies, I headed to the gym to set up for the first ever Wold Fitness Festivus.

Festivus is a really cool fitness testing session, where everyone hits new personal bests on exercises.  (You get really fired up having your friends and workout partners cheering you on!)

By 7am everyone had rolled in and we hit a quick warm up, then on to the first event:

GateSwing Squat/Pushup Ladder Countdown.

How To Do It:

10 Gateswing Squats, 10 Pushups. 9 Gateswing Squats, 9 pushups. And so on down to 1 and 1.


  • Level one – Kneeling pushup
  • Level 2 -Regular Pushup


All squats to parallel, all pushups to chest 4″ from floor

Top Times:

Male: Level 2 – 2:31

Female: Level 1 – 2:38 Level 2 – 3:02

Next event: Plank

How To Do It:

Hold plank position with good form as long as you can.


  • Level 1 – Kneeling Plank
  • Level 2 – Regular Plank
  • Level 3 – Feet on box Plank


No sagging or piking.

Top Times:


  • Level 2 – 1:30
  • Level 3 – 5:02


  • Level 2 – 2:57
  • Level 3 – 3:17

Continuing the fun with: Body Rows!

How To Do It:

As many rows as you can do without resting.


No hip sag or hip thrust, arms straight at bottom, chest touches bar each time


  • Level 1 – Legs bent to 90
  • Level 2 – Legs Straight
  • Level 3 – Feet on box

Top Reps:


  • Level 1 – 13
  • Level 2 – 28
  • Level 3 – 10


  • Level 1 – 18
  • Level 2 – 26

On to: Pushups!

How To Do It:

As many pushups as you can without resting or breaking form.


Back flat, all pushups to 4″ from floor.


  • Level 1 – Kneeling Pushup
  • Level 2 – Regular Pushup
  • Level 3 – Feet On Box Pushup

Top Reps:


  • Level 1 – 15
  • Level 2 – 35
  • Level 3 – 33


  • Level 1 – 30
  • Level 2 – 20
  • Level 3 – 5

And these had to be in there…. Chin Ups!

How to do it:

Maximum number of chinups, longest you can hold with bent arms.


  • Level 1 – Bent arm hang
  • Level 2 – Full On Chin Up

Top Reps:


  • Level 1 – 4 seconds
  • Level 2 – 15 reps


  • Level 1 – 31 sec
  • Level 2 – 3 reps

Still going strong on to Wall Sits!

How to do it:

Hold a squat against the wall for as long as you can.


Shins vertical, hip even with knee.

Best Time:

  • Male – 2:13
  • Female – 2:09

300 Rope Skips

How To Do It:

As fast as you freakin’ can!


  • Level 1 – Rope whips side to side (no jump)
  • Level 2 – Regular rope skipping

Best Times:


  • Level 1 – 2:28
  • Level 2 – 1:36


  • Level 2 – 2:09

Last event, best event: TIRE FLIPS!!!!

How To Do It:

Flip a tire 10 times as fast as you can.


No help from your spotter.


  • Level 1 – Approx 50 pound tire
  • Level 2 – Approx 100 pound tire
  • Level 3 – Approx 300 pound tire

Best Times:


  • Level 2 – 21 seconds
  • Level 3 – 46 seconds


  • Level 2 – 25 seconds

We were all nice and cool after being outside for tire flips, so we headed in, set our 2 month goals for the next Festivus, and took off to enjoy the day!

Thanks to everyone who came and made it a great event!

I hope we’ll have even MORE people and MORE fun next time!

See you then!

A Tire-Ing Bootcamp, Indeed!

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This morning my bootcampers and I played with one of my favorite fitness tools: Big. Honkin…. Tires!

You hear and read about something called “Functional Training” all of the time.

And you see people balancing on a ball with a pink dumbbell in one hand and picking their nose with the other.  It’s somehow supposed to “activate” small muscles.

Well, I think it’s a lot more functional to be able to move things in the REAL WORLD.

Hence, the awesomeness of tires.

Flipping a tire will carry over into sports, other bootcamp exercises, picking your spouse off the floor during a house fire, and…. activating your metabolism!

(Plus, they look really cool!)

Check out the three exercises we played with in today’s bootcamp~

Bootcamp Tire Exercise One: Battling Tires!

This is a great upper body and core exercise.  Basically, you shove the tire back and forth for either TIME or a set number of REPS.

When I was training athletes from very physical sports (wrestling, rugby, football, MMA), we would use a very heavy tire and the goal was to KNOCK YOUR OPPONENT OVER!

My longest battling tire set was over 12 minutes with a rugby player named James.  Whew!

But for fitness, fat loss, and fun, just push hard and take care of your partner.

Bootcamp Tire Exercise Two: Backwards Drags!

Another one that looks simple, but isn’t.

Holding that low position works you legs like nothing else, and your heart and lungs will be working in overdrive.

A few sets of backwards drags and you’ll feel like you’ve finished a marathon!  (Without beating up your joints, of course)

Bootcamp Tire Exercise Three: Flipping!

You can use heavy tires for strength, or lighter tires for a metabolic circuit.

Whichever you do, these are TOUGH!

Check out what my hardcore bootcampers said right after playing with the tires:

Simple Bootcamp Workout

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A lot of people are curious what we do during Wold Fitness Bootcamp workouts.

I thought it would be cool to share what we did last Friday.  Now, I know it sounds tough-and-a-half, but remember that there are variations on every exercise to make them either easier or harder – whatever you need.

And a session like this will blast your metabolism through the freakin’ roof.  You’ll keep burning calories for about 36 hours afterwards.  So if you did this on Friday morning you’d still be burning extra calories on Saturday afternoon!

So, without further ado….

Warm Up:

Wold Fitness Functional Movement Warm Up (go here to download a follow-along manual: Bootcamp Warmup)

Metabolic/Toning Sequence One:

  • Feet Wide Burpees – 60 sec
  • Reach Under Side Planks – 30 sec each side

Repeat 3x

Metabolic/Building/Toning Sequence Two:

(Everything 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off)

  • Spin Bike, heavy resistance
  • Spin Bike, super speed
  • Heavy Dumbbell Squats
  • Wall Sits, Feet Together
  • Jumping Pullups
  • Middle Pushup Position Hip-outs

Repeat Sequence 3x

Metabolic Sequence 3:

(Each was 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off)

  • Step-Up/Pushup Combo
  • Medicine Ball Tornado Slams
  • ValSlide Bucket Push
  • Side-To-Side Hop Over Cone

Repeat 2x

Toning Sequence 4:

(2 minutes each)

  • Warrior Sit Ups
  • Outward Hip Circles, Right Leg
  • Outward Hip Circles, Left Leg


  • Stretching
  • Massage Parade

That’s it!  Workouts change every day, but build on each other to help you keep making progress.

Do you like seeing what kind of workouts we do at the Wold Fitness Bootcamp? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think!

Carson City Boot Camp Testimonial – Pontus

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We’ve had a really cool visitor at Wold Fitness Bootcamp this week.  Pontus Eriksson is flying out to Sweden in a few days, but in his first week of bootcamp, he lost 5 pounds!  Check out what he just posted to his facebook page:

“If you live in Carson city or work there this is a hot tip for you:

Carson City boot camp. The guy Lucas that is the drill sergeant on this boot camp is really good. He cheers you up without being irritating and on speed that others can be. This will give you a variety of exercises that is hard to get if you go to regular classes like spinning bodypump etc. He even has good stories to tell to keep your mind of that you are about to die.

Check him out and go try. i am super happy that i did!”

If you want to kick butt like Pontus, send me an email at LDWold(at) and I’ll hook you up with a free week of bootcamp!

Carson City Bootcamp: 10 Awesome Oblique Exercises

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A Carson City Bootcamp Exercise Post…

An area of the body that many people have trouble training is the obliques.

These are the muscles that run along the sides of your core.

So today I want to share 10 awesome oblique exercises that we do at boot camp.

You might notice that there aren’t any crunches in the bunch :)

Bootcamp Oblique Exercise 1: Cross Body Mountain Climber

Bootcamp Oblique Exercise 2: Thrusting Side Plank

Bootcamp Oblique Exercise 3: Renegade Rows

Bootcamp Oblique Exercise 4: ValSlide Accordion Plank

Bootcamp Oblique Exercise 5: Kick Throughs

Bootcamp Oblique Exercise 6: Hip Touch Twist

Bootcamp Oblique Exercise 7: Swiss Ball Mountain Climber

Bootcamp Oblique Exercise 8: Hover Push Up

Bootcamp Oblique Exercise 9: Box Step Offs

Bootcamp Oblique Exercise 10: Kick Through Side Plank

Have fun with these exercises!

And always remember that the KEY to a great midsection is to work harder on your diet than you do in the gym!!

21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan

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{EDIT: Offer expired in 2009}

After I appeared on the front page of the Nevada Appeal (click here to see the article: Carson City Bootcamp Instructor) my phone BLEW UP with people asking me for more information.

My voicemail box filled up and wouldn’t let anyone leave a message!

Lots of people want to know about my 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan.

So I made this quick video to answer your questions:

watch this video first

“At first I was skeptical because I’ve had friends hire other personal trainers and get very little results. Well let me tell you, with Fit Body Bootcamp I lost 37lbs., going from a pudgy 156lbs. down to a lean and toned 119lbs. practically overnight. I lost so many inches I had to go buy all new clothes… now THAT’S what I call a quality problem.

What’s really cool is three weeks ago I ran into my cousin at the Sierra Summit Mall and she didn’t even recognize me, MY OWN COUSIN DIDN’T RECOGNIZE ME!!! I am finally happy with my butt and stomach and feel sexy in just about anything I wear now; I can even wear a bikini up at Zephyr Cove and look just as good as any girl on the sand. Many of my friends have told me they’re jealous of my new body.

If you’re looking for a personal training program in Carson City then definitely check out Fit Body Bootcamp. Over the course of working out with them I was constantly amazed by the results that not only I was getting, but the results that all of their other clients were getting as well. It’s almost like people walk in and a few months later they’re a whole new person. My life and body is forever changed and it’s so wonderful to feel healthy and look sexy!”

- Karen Peters

Now, this program isn’t for everyone.  It’s 21 days of following a great nutrition plan and coming to workouts.  A lot of people aren’t willing to dedicate themselves to something for that long.

That’s fine, in just 21 days you’ll be 9-15 pounds lighter while they’ll still be looking for something easier.

The most important part of this plan are the completely done-for-you meal plans.

Every meal plan is customized for your particular body.  It includes what to eat and when to eat.

And just in case you don’t like a certain food, I have substitutions for EVERY MEAL.  (So it’s really like getting 63 days worth of fat loss meal plans!)

Just remember that these plans are PROVEN to work, and get results fast.

andra testimonial

And along with the 21 days of rapid fat loss meal plans, you also receive UNLIMITED access to my Bootcamp.

Bootcamp times are at 6am, 830am, or 5pm, Monday through Friday.  The really cool thing is that you can come to as many sessions as you like.  You can even come twice a day if you’d like! (Come to at least 3 a week though, and 5 sessions works fastest)

I also know that not everyone can come at these times.  Some schedules just don’t bend that way.  If this is you, but you still want to lose 13 pounds in 21 days, get ahold of me and I’ll hook you up with another option.

To recap, here’s the deal: 21 days of following a simple, filling meal plan that’s COMPLETELY done-for-you, coming to at least 3 workouts a week, and you’ll lose at least 9 pounds – probably more.

And it’s only $147 for this whole deal.

PLUS, if you decide you want to become a member of Bootcamp after this, the entire amount will be applied to your first month.

bonnie testimonial

I’m really excited about this program, it is truly the best nutrition and exercise plan for weight loss I’ve ever seen.

Oh, you know what?  I’m so freakin’ confident that you’ll think so too that I’ll even guarantee it.  If for ANY REASON in the first week you don’t like it, I’ll give you back every dime and we’ll still be friends.

Then, once you become a Bootcamp member, you’ll get my UNBELIEVABLE “Skinny Jeans” guarantee: After you graduate from the program, I’ll buy you a pair of designer skinny jeans!

Why would I be willing to give you all of my best meal plans and workouts?  Simple – Most people quit working out because the results take too long.

My Unstoppable Fitness Formula works great for losing 2 pounds a week.  But I wanted to come up with something even faster. After lots of research and experiments with my clients (thanks guys!), I finally dialed in this 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program.

caycie testimonial fit body bootcamp

Now I can fulfill my dream of helping everyone in Carson City get the lean, toned, and sexy body they deserve.

Ok, if you’re ready to take action now and are ready to get started here’s what to do:

a) Send me an email with your name and phone number and I’ll call you right away.  My email address is:

This is a complete program, and it’s some of my best material EVER.

The fact is – I train and coach people how to lose weight.  I do it all day, every day.  I’ve seen almost every possible situation and learned how to overcome it.  The benefit to you is that there is absolutely no guesswork.

You get my proven plan.  And it’s guaranteed.  I take all the risk.

Give me a call, try the workouts, follow the meal plan, and if you’re not happy for any reason, I’ll gladly refund your money.

I want you to have the body you dream of having.  Call me now to get the tools you need to see that body in the mirror.

Your Friend,

~ Luke Wold

PS – This is the only program I know that take you step-by-step through transforming your body in the quickest and most effective way possible.  Most people will never know these secrets.  Call me now and you’ll have these secrets for yourself.

Introducing: Hannah

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I’m a huge fan of my little sister Hannah.

Hannah and Luke Cookie Dough

She’s a costuming graduate student at West Virginia University.  A couple of years ago I was at one of her shows (a BIG production), and I was looking for her name in the back of the program, where you usually find information about the techies.

Hannah,” I said, “where’s your name, dude?”  She told me to look at the FRONT of the program…

Southern Oregon University presents: Romeo and Juliet

Costumes by Hannah Wold

Wow!  She’s really cool.  And I have some good news…

Hannah will be at Fit Body Bootcamp on Thursday morning!

We have big plans for the weekend, we’re going to hang out with our Dad, go see a play, and take over the dance floor at Nikki Beach.

But the kickoff of her visit will be Bootcamp on Thursday Morning.

It’s going to be an absolute blast!

Bring a friend, and I’ll hook them up, Hannah-style.

If they like the party and want to be in bootcamp, then can have TWO weeks for free, instead of one.

AND… you’ll get half off your next month for everyone you bring who decides to stay!

That means if you bring two friends to the Hannah-banana bootcamp, you get your next whole month of bootcamp free!

tootbrush with Hannah

Afterwards, I’m taking her out to breakfast at the Cracker Box on Highway 50. It would be really cool if everyone in bootcamp came along afterwards.

(Oh yeah, if your friends just want to come once, that’s totally fine. And if you aren’t in bootcamp but want to try it, come in and I’ll hook you up too!)

I can’t wait to see everyone on Thursday morning!

Lose 21 Pounds In 12 Weeks With A Carson City Fitness Boot Camp

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If you’re looking to lose 21 pounds to look better on the beach at Tahoe this summer, you are not alone! Losing weight was the top New Year’s resolutions in 2010, like it is every year! The fact is: it can be hard to shed pounds on your own. Where do you turn when your standard gym workouts become mind-bendingly boring? What do you do when you’re dying for pasta, candy, or other treats? It’s easy to slip up, but you’re more likely to succeed when you enlist the help of a Carson City boot camp.

How Much Weight Can I Lose Safely In A Carson City Boot Camp?

Some bogus weight loss supplements and fad diets promise to help you lose 10 pounds in only 3 days. That just doesn’t happen! (At least, not without amputating an arm!)

Besides, losing massive amounts of weight in a short period of time is not healthy for your fit body. Experts agree that one to two pounds per week is a healthy amount of weight loss for most people. The one exception to the rule is people with the most weight to lose.

For example, if a person is 350 pounds and accustomed to a completely sedentary lifestyle and diet of pure junk food, the results will be striking when this person begins making healthier choices. A person of this size who takes big action to become more fit will find they may drop 10 or 20 pounds in one month.

You’ve probably seen “The Biggest Loser” TV show, so you know it can happen. A Carson City boot camp will ensure you lose your 1-2 pounds each week through a series of fat-blasting exercises that are not only good at boosting your metabolism, but fun and challenging (at your level) too!

What Steps Can You Take At Home To Lose Weight Fast?

In addition to attending Carson City boot camp sessions, you’ll want to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home.

Drinking two glasses of water before each meal can help you cut back your portion size, lose weight faster and keep your weight off longer. Studies confirm that this easy lifestyle modification can help you lose 4.5 pounds more. Water also wards off headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue and stomach illnesses, so weight loss won’t be your only benefit when you start drinking more water.

When you eat anything – whether it be a meal or a snack – be sure you’re getting plenty of protein . Dieticians at Buffalo General Hospital say that this will help you beat cravings by preventing your blood sugar levels from going through the roof.

Consider this: when you eat an apple, your blood sugar level spikes because fructose sugar is quickly metabolized and sent into the bloodstream. When you eat an apple and a piece of cheese, the protein in the cheese slows down the release of sugar into your bloodstream and keeps you on an even keel.

If you have a dog, go for walks! A recent study by the University of Missouri found that the average dog owner lost 14 pounds a year, compared to their pet-less peers. Dog walkers are more likely to engage in other types of physical activity and enjoy doing so, the study also found.

What Will I Do At A Carson City Boot Camp?

A Carson City boot camp is not as grueling as it sounds. It’s easier than you think to lose 21 pounds in 12 weeks. The basic concept behind the workouts is that you’ll combine interval training activity with strength-training exercises to encourage the body to dip into its fat reserves and burn calories where it counts.

The reason strength training is so important is that building muscle mass helps you burn more calories even when you’re resting. You may not believe it at first, but activities like squats and lunges actually burn more calories than any type of cardio. Many Carson City boot camp participants arrive at their first session with stories of how they lost a bunch of weight initially with aerobic and then stalled out before slowly gaining again. This often occurs when the body becomes accustomed to one type of repetitive exercise like riding a stationary bike or jogging on the treadmill. If you really want to “shock” your system into giving up that fat, you’ll want to mix it up at my Carson City boot camp.

Some Photos Of The New Gym!

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Check out a few photos of the hottest boot camp gym in Carson City!

Kettlebells, Swiss Balls, and Suspension Trainers ready to go!

Hanging suspension trainers is a lot of work (but totally worth it!)

Boot Camp In Action!!

The new gym is located at:

291 Rhodes St

Carson City NV 89701


Wold Fitness Boot Camp serves all of Carson City Nevada 89701, 89703, 89702, 89705