5 Dirty Secrets Big Carson City Health Clubs Don’t Want You To Know About ALL Health Clubs In Carson City

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Find Out About The Little Known And Rarely Talked About Facts About Big Carson City Health Clubs. Discover The 5 Scary (Yet True) Facts You Need To Know Before Setting Foot In A Mega-Gym…

1. Big Health Clubs Don’t Care If You Show Up

The sad fact is, the January “Resolution Rush” starts with a cash surge for the big Carson City Health Clubs And Fitness Centers and ends with the same amount of members showing up as there were in the previous December.

Well intentioned people make fitness goals and end up locked-in to Carson City Health Club Contracts, then the crowded, dirty gym sucks away their motivation and they stop going.

This is what Health Clubs In Carson City expect, for you to trip up on your plan and never come back, however, you’ll keep paying the bill even though you don’t show up.  (Most health clubs would go out of business if more than 3% of their members used the club each month!)

2. Trainers At Carson City Health Clubs Don’t Know What They’re Doing.

Chances are once you get a membership to a Carson City health club an in-house personal trainer will try and hard-sell you on their expertise.

Most Carson City Health Club trainers need no accredited certification to be out there on the floor flexing their arms. It turns out for $50 and an 10-min online quiz you can get a fancy sounding certification and title, but they aren’t worthwhile.

Look for quality Carson City Personal Trainers that can guarantee results.

3. Carson City Health Clubs Want You To Pay Forever

If you think getting started on a Carson City fitness plan is tough, try quitting your Carson City health club membership! Trouble canceling gym memberships is one of the top complaints among Carson City gym members.

The big health clubs in Carson City are out to get your money and keep getting it, month after month. They want you to keep paying, but stay home. After all it doesn’t do the health clubs Carson City any good if you come into their gym.

Which in turn doesn’t do you any good if you’re just paying for a Carson City Gym Membership.

4. Your Stuff Isn’t Safe In Carson City Health Clubs

Think your belongings are safe in a big Carson City Health Club? Think again?

A recent report explained how a group of thieves stole over 100 credit cards from lockers of health club members. You can’t be sure who is lurking around the Carson City Health Club locker room while you’re working out.

Now you can’t even bring anything with you to the gym. You just have to carry your keys in your back pocket while you workout in any Carson City Health Clubs.

5. Sales Is The Number One Carson City Health Club Goal

Carson City health clubs try to sucker you in with extremely low-priced memberships.

While that offer sounds enticing, fast-talking and slick sales reps will ensure you leave with no more information and insight, just a brand new long-term “Premium Health Club” contract you tried to refuse.

Don’t read the fine print, it will still apply to your membership and contract. One such website of a large health club promised a 30-day free trial membership. But the catch, if you don’t show up at least 15 times, you’ll be locked into a 5 year membership.

You can’t rely on the Carson City health club sales person, you must be on the defense and know what really matters when you looking for a quality Carson City fitness solution

Don’t fall for the Health Clubs In Carson City gimmicks, look for a quality Carson City Personal Trainer that guarantees results, no matter what condition you’re in right now.

Click here for your alternative to “Big Box” Carson City Health Clubs: Carson City Personal Training

Carson City Gymnastics Club Website

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In case you didn’t know, I’m a member of the Silver State Gymnastics Team Booster Club.

You can check out their website here:

Carson City Gymnastics

Personal Trainers: How To Post Videos To YouTube

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Lots of personal trainers email me asking how to post exercise videos to youtube.

Why post videos?

Lots of reasons:

  • Easy to demo exercises
  • To show ACTUAL PEOPLE working out (not fitness models)
  • To connect with your clients and blog readers

I’m not a business guy or an internet guy, so I’m just putting up this simple guide to making and posting videos to help out my friends.

First, you need to make a video.

For a while I used a FlipCam:

But I wanted something a little higher quality for recording seminars, so I bought a Canon FS200.  It has better video quality, tighter zoom, and I can attach a wireless microphone to it and get cleaner sound:

When I’m shooting a bunch of videos in a row, I use a tripod.  For videos on the fly, I go freehand.

Film your exercises and you’re good to go.

To transfer your video files to your computer, just plug in a USB cable and move the files to a folder on your desktop:

Once the video is on your computer, name it something to help you remember what the content is.  You’ll be able to change the name once you upload it, this is for your own purposes:

The next step is to post your video to youtube or other video sharing sites (viddler, google video, facebook, etc)

A youtube account is free.  Here’s mine: Carson City Personal Trainer

People get hung up on naming their channel.  Just pick something descriptive.  I used Wold Fitness because… my business and website are named Wold Fitness.

When you’re logged in, click the blue “Upload” link at the top of the youtube homepage:

It will take you to a page like this:

Click the yellow “Upload video” button.

Select your video file:

It will immediately start to upload to youtube:

While it is uploading you can go ahead and change the title, write a description, and add keywords to make it easy for people to find your video:

Then it will be uploaded and ready to watch!  Good job.

You can send people to the video page by using the link in the address bar at the top.

If you want to take it to the next level you can EMBED your video on your blog or website.

Click the “Embed” button below your video:

It will give you some html code and the choice of a few different options.

I choose a few, like the size and the color of the border, but you don’t need to do that.

Highlight the code and copy it to your clipboard:

Now go into your website or blog editor and paste the code:

And when you view the page, it will look like this:

Here are a few examples of pages I’ve used videos on to demonstrate exercises:

Best of luck and have fun!

Types Of Gyms In Carson City

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Whether you’re new to the area or you’re looking to up your fitness level, you’ll find there are many types of gyms in Carson City to choose from. The one that you ultimately choose is really up to your personal preferences and needs. Here are some of the gyms you might come across:

Big Gyms: You might like the big gyms in Carson City if you’re looking for multiple services and amenities or if you prefer to work out during the busiest times. Most people try to cram in a workout before or after work, so these two times can be busy at smaller facilities that don’t have as much equipment or space. Additional services like restaurants, spa services, and a full class schedule are usually offered by these behemoth gyms.

Small Gyms: These smaller placess are good for people who may feel self-conscious going to a larger facility where more eyes will be on them. Some people also just like to support “the local mom and pop shop,” rather than a larger, more corporate chain. Fans of small gyms claim that the customer service is unparalleled here and it’s nice that the front desk staff know them by name.

Powerlifting Gyms: You’ll find that some gyms in Carson City are essentially repositories for weight-lifting equipment. These are for the bare bones type of guy or gal who just wants access to heavy weights, chalk, and loud music, without all the other bells and whistles. Prices are usually low and like-minded people tend to gather at these facilities.

Cardio Gyms: Some fitness centers are aerobics studios that hold a number of group fitness classes, but do not have weight machines or other equipment for solo workouts. This is good for the type of person who thrives on group contact and motivation.

Women’s Gyms: There are some workout facilities that cater exclusively to women, who feel more comfortable in a quiet atmosphere, away from the intimidating presence of young male weight-lifters or the eyes of strangers. Older exercisers and pregnant women report feeling more comfortable in this type of sheltered environment.

24-Hour Gyms: If you are a real night owl or love those military-style 4 am workouts, then you should probably look for one of the gyms in CarsonCity that offers 24/7 access. You may still see reduced hours during the holidays, but at least you will have a better chance of going if you can work out whenever you feel like it.

Low Cost Gyms: You can find gyms in Carson City that offer memberships for as low as $10/month if you know where to look. In exchange for the low cost, you’ll typically find these centers are dirtier, more crowded, and have less service, so it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for.

Upscale Gyms: These posh fitness clubs have it all – from racquetball courts and tranquil spas to Olympic-sized swimming pools and private meeting space. Nutrition counseling, personal training, and massages may be included in your monthly membership.

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